What Made Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt to sell their house ? Finally Exposed

There is an evergreen quote said by Pliny the Elder;
“Home is where the heart is”

Unfortunately, this quote could not fit well in case of the hottest Hollywood couple – Angelina Jolie & Brad Spit as they finally took the last step of parting their ways of life. Yes, the couple finally sold their house in New Orleans, French Quarter for $4.3 million.
They bought this house for $3.5 million when Hurricane Katrina disaster took place in 2007. As the listing claims, the three-story, 1830s-era castle was based on length of 7,645 square feet. It has five bedrooms, two half-baths, and three bathrooms.


The couple, who is standing in amid process of divorce, bought it after Pitt established the “Make It Right Foundation” to energize the development of new housing in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward neighborhood.

However, the key factor that compelled the couple to sell their house is interlinked with their divorce issue. This scandal comes when Brad Bit while intoxicated offense his son physically, as a result of which Angelina filed divorce against with him.

The current court documents state that – she is currently seeking physical protection of their six kids rather seeking spousal support. In return Brad Pit responses;
“This had made me very sad, but what matters most now is the comfort of our kids. I kindly ask the press to respect their privacy which they deserve during this challenging time.”

Surprisingly, the current situation which couple is going through seems relevant with the story of their famous movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in which both husband and wife – being detective agent of multiple companies – conceals their true profession from their spouse.
In hassle of their interesting professions, both John and Jane forget to balance their apparently mundane marriage which both of them find after a few years to be growing dull and suffocating with their secretive work.

The only difference is in the movie, both Angelina and Spit cancel their separate possibility plans and make their stand together.
This is the point where real life differs from the factious life. The reality is the couple is resistant to their divorce decision.

Lastly, the couple decided to sell their dream house claiming “More off the beaten path” True, if they are not willing to share lives together, then what is the reason to share a single house?


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