Russia seems Responsible for Clinton’s FBI Email Probe


Julian Assange to release more material that he says will provide enough information to have Hillary Clinton arrested FBI drainthes wamp

Do you know why there is so much humidity in the winds of America? Because the Clinton’s FBI email scandal has become the burning issue in each and every corner of the U.S, where everyone seems wandering “who is the mastermind behind Clinton’s email issue to let down her? Well, the situation can end up with anything.

On one side; if some news channel are favoring Clinton such as CNN, and New York Times, so rest are showing reports against Clinton. There are chances that Trump is responsible for it, so on other side reports suggest Clinton has really violated the Government rules of the state by using private email server, rather using official one, and rumors go on.

Hacked emails show that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was slow to grasp the seriousness of the Hillary Clinton ‘confident’ over latest FBI probe into emails.

Who is the Secret Planner?

This is the interesting question! In my personal view, two reasons can be responsible for it; First, as we all know that Huma and Comey have been the supporters of Clinton for a long time, and this scandal news was shared by Comey according to news source; it can be surmised that Comey has created all scandal to make Clinton down as – Anything can happen in politics.

On another side, we also know that Russia had been into conflict with the US for years. Perhaps Russia is responsible for hacking FBI email account on behalf of Clinton in order to create chaos in the state.


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