Blast In Mediterranean Resort of Antalya , Turkey

Blast inside a car left in the parking lot of the local chamber of trade in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya slightly injured about a dozen people.
Blast at the Antalya Trade and Industry Chamber was not immediately known but added it may not have been the result of a terror attack.

Ambulances were sent to the trade chamber building area in Turkey‘s Antalya

an explosion hit the parking lot of the chamber of commerce in the Turkish city of Antalya a tourist destination on the Mediterranean.

car totally destroyed in a blast in the parking garage in Turkey‘s Antalya city this morning. 6 reportedly injured.

Turkey has been rocked by a wave of deadly bomb attacks in the past 18 months blamed on Kurdish rebels or Islamic State group militants.

But Turel and the chief of the trade chamber said the blast may be the result of an accident — an explosion inside a car running on liquefied petroleum gas — and not necessarily an act of terror.

Antalya is a major tourism destination for Turkey, which has seen a sharp drop in visitors following the spate of violent attacks. Earlier this month three rockets believed to have been fired by Kurdish militants hit a fishing company depot near Antalya. No one was hurt in the attack.

The blast occurred as employees were arriving at the building for work and hours before the trade chamber was to hold a meeting to be attended by the mayor.


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