ISIS Attacks in Kirkuk City of Iraq

24 people were killed and dozens of others wounded in multiple attacks by ISIS ‘Sleeper Cells’ attack Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk Iraq attacked government buildings, power station on police compound and other government buildings.

Attack occurred early in the morning when dozens of ISIS Terrorist, With explosive vests, attacked the police compound, a building.
Armed militants target government buildings in Iraq’s Kirkuk, security officials and witnesses.

People in Kirkuk are calling ISIS blind bats. Volunteer locals & Peshmerga have rushed to the city, armed and willing to fight ISIS.
After fierce clashes with the guards of the security buildings, the attackers and suicide bombers seized several buildings, including a police headquarters, Kurdish Asaysh, a mosque and a house, the source said without knowing whether the attackers held some hostages.

Another attack targeted al-Debis power plant, some 35 km northeast of Kirkuk, when two suicide bombers entered the station sparking heavy clash with the guards, but the attacker took control of part of the facility and executed 16 workers, including four Iranians, the source said.


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