Battle For Mosul “Daesh Calls on ‘All Fighters’ to Withdraw From Mosul

Daesh calls on ‘all fighters’ to withdraw from Mosul and Iraqis fear an American-Turkish deal to allow senior Daesh terrorists to flee

Up to 1.2M civilians remain in Mosul – protection must be top priority in impending battle.
Anti-ISIS Iraq-i force pleads for #Baghdad’s help as Mosul fight looms
Iraqi ISF commanders discuss latest preparations for Mosul Ops at Qayyara air base south of Mosul

Daesh will be annihilated, they vowed.

Hashd leader Hasi Ameri arrives near Mosul agead of anticipated ‘Grand Op’ to destroy Daesh terrorists

Up to 40,000 ground troops are being backed by US-led coalition airstrikes, with snipers sent in first to fight street-by-street.

Convoys of Iraqi and Kurdish forces were moving east of the city into the early hours of Monday, as US-led coalition airstrikes sent plumes of smoke into the air amid the sound of heavy artillery rounds.

Some 2,000 Iraqi special forces will be supported by four Brigades of the regular Iraqi Army, 15,000 Sunni militia, 15,000 Kurdish Peshmerga and a few thousand Shia militia.

They are taking the fight to an estimated 3,000 IS fighters in the city, with snipers sent in first to fight street-by-street.

There are more than 7,500 coalition military personnel deployed in Iraq, over half of them from the United States.
At approximately 0600hrs on 17 October 2016 a large-scale coordinated operation was launched by Peshmerga Forces in Khazir, East of Mosul, with Iraqi security forces… as the first step to clear Nineva province from IS terrorists.


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