Trump Recording: What He Traded!?

American presidential election is approaching, and Trump controversies are also. After on airing the controversial recording from the presidential candidate, the outrageous backlash is further intensified from trump opponents.
Here is the question arises, if such type of person is going to be American president so what will be the future of America and the notion of women rights? Alarming issue is that these people are going to take oath on US constitution (if elected) and the constitution provides clear and easy to understand rights plus guidelines about privacy as well as people rights. Hence, if such type of issue and attitudes persists so is it expected that next Mirinda amendment is going to be happened soon? please note, Mirinda amendment is considered as the violation of basic US constitution.
Despite, Trump admitted his fault and accepted that he is not perfect and yes he is, so why he was acting like a superman in his electoral campaign. Though trump admits his wrongdoings, but is it the only cure? What about those who suffered, what about those ladies who targeted and where the champion of basic human rights? Are they afraid to arrange or log any protest against this giant beast who was eroding human and ethical values under the hood of racism and vulgarity? Here is no any need to further ditto his insane wording that are obvious violation of ethical values.
Another issue that should be raised is that, as we all are the human being, what will be the effect of such type of Trump recording things on teen and toddlers, what type of image will they draw about these ill-mannered people who try to pose as the leader?
A supporter of Trump follower may say that it is planned controversy from trump rivals, but they can’t deny the reality that is being projected on media, globally. So, a question must ask with the trump, what he traded in term of racism and hated disputes?


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