Boom to Burst: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

After series of disasters, Samsung recalled its flagship device that is obviously the huge backdrop for Samsung because such type of issue was unpredictable and no one can imagine that such type of bad factor will reside inside this cutting edge mobile device.
“Stop using your device, back up your data and switch it off,” is the Samsung[s official statement that seems astonishing but it is a fact that this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was catching fire, not in cash inflows but physically in use status.
However, it is still the big question, why this cutting edge device heated up and did Samsung not do some quality check before launching? In other words, is it true Samsung lust to beat-up its rivals is the cause of such type of defected device launching?
There are series of other questions that are still unanswered by the Samsung, but tech junkies are not ready to sit silently; according to some sources, there was manufacturing fault inside the new flagship device, and when fun phone operate, it system was producing huge pressure on the plates that were contained battery cells. However, it is one of the cause, according to Samsung official, “The defect was revealed when several contributing factors happened simultaneously, which included sub-optimized assembly process that created variations of tension and exposed electrodes due to insufficient insulation tape.” So it was the key cause of failure.
Here, it should be noted that battery manufacturers are forced to develop such type of batteries that can produce as much capacity as possible but within the limited size so in a simple way, it could be summarized in that way, if some one has a loose paper role and want to use it continuously.
Besides, it is also reported; galaxy notes 7 caught fire during charging, not usual operating mode. It is also evident that this device exploded when phone left charging for a long period.
However, what is the reason behind that conspiracy theory, if you are using that galaxy note, you should return your device either it is in safety mode or not.


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