Microsoft’s New Paint App for Windows 10

Microsoft’s plans to redesign its famous paint app for Windows 10 started leaking over the weekend, and now an early version of the app has appeared online for anyone to download. Microsoft is completely overhauling its Paint app, and the new version is designed to be a Universal Windows app with pen- and touch-friendly features. While a launch video demonstrates all the new 3D objects support, the leaked app appears to have been distributed in May to Microsoft testers.

I’ve had a chance to test out the new Paint app, and I’m surprised by the speed of the application. Most Universal Windows apps, Office excluded, often fail to demonstrate the potential for the platform and rarely include advanced features that are often found in desktop apps. The animations in the app work well, and many of the basic features are a lot easier to use with your fingers than the previous Paint desktop app.


Unfortunately, the new version of Paint doesn’t appear to include layering support, but this could be because this is an old alpha copy that has leaked. Microsoft also hasn’t implemented many helpful shortcuts that you might find in apps like Photoshop, or support for multiple files to be opened at the same time. It feels like a basic photo editing / object creation tool, and that’s probably exactly what Microsoft is aiming for.


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