Latest on Hurricane Matthew At South Carolina’s Coast

Hurricane Matthew is lashing South Carolina after leaving a trail of damage in
What’s left in Florida after Hurricane Matthew: Hurricane Matthew battered Florida for several hours leaving.

Flash flooding and more heavy stuff yet to come! Be safe, be smart and stay off the roads!

Strong winds and flooding rains from hurricane Matthew spreading inland over South & North Carolina Winds: 75 mph

NASA reports limited initial damage to Kennedy Space Center
All Miami people are making jokes about hurricane Matthew.. be grateful it didn’t hit us like all other parts of Florida.

Damage from Hurricane Matthew this nest was in Bougainville tree in my yard built by a bird I saw often. TC Weather.

What’s left in Florida after Hurricane Matthew: Hurricane Matthew battered Florida for several hours leaving

Outbreaks of cholera continue to claim even more lives:
Tanner Swift has shared this morning on GMK, Hurricane Matthew is now a Category 1 storm. It downgraded about 1

Hurricane Matthew Sends Floodwaters Surging Into Charleston, South Carolina.
lashed South Carolina’s shores Saturday morning, as the Category 1 storm pushed — or was poised to push — dangerous amounts of seawater and rain along the coast of that state as well as Georgia and North Carolina.

Matthew, a storm that left destruction and killed hundreds in the Caribbean and at least four people in Florida, continued its trek up the southeastern US coast with 75 mph winds at the center around 9 a.m. ET — 30 mph slower than just hours earlier.
In Charleston, the coastal South Carolina city devastated by storm surges from 1989’s Hurricane Hugo, driving rain fell early Saturday as Matthew’s powerful center moved close.

High tide later Saturday could push water “well into the city,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.
Flooding is a big concern from coastal Georgia through the eastern Carolinas. Storm surges could be life-threatening in areas, potentially reaching 6 to 9 feet from south of Savannah, Georgia, up through Edisto Beach, South Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center.

A forecast track for Hurricane Matthew, with the storm’s eye predicted to be somewhere within the shaded cone on the days indicated.
Up to 15 inches of rain are possible near and east of Interstate 95 in South Carolina and North Carolina — and that would be “a flash-flood event on (even) a normal day,” Myers said.


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