Google Inc Ditches Hangouts in Favour of Duo

Beginning in December, Cell phone makers will never again be required to introduce Hangouts on their handsets. Rather, telephone producers should give clients the as of late dispatched Duo.

This is not to say that Hangouts is being murdered off – not yet, in any event. In any case, Duo, finish with end-to-end encryption, will supplant the application as a component of the center Google Mobile Services bundle.

The declaration arrived in an email from Google to engineers which says: “Today, we are reporting that Google Duo will supplant Hangouts inside the suite of center GMS applications, and Hangouts will get to be GMS Optional for communication items. This change will produce results on December 1, 2016.”

Google will keep on supporting Hangouts, yet inquiries will surely be raised about exactly to what extent the organization can keep up its developing accumulation of informing apparatuses. Joints has been joined by Duo, as well as Allo, and it can clearly just involve time before one or a greater amount of them are committed to history.


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